Welcome to Goodwill Enterprises

This concern is a unit of reliable firm LALTA PRASAD SUSHIL CHANDRA KANPUR established in 1914 by late Sri Sushil Chandra Gupta founder of the firm gradually attained familiarity with industrial circle for his honesty and service.

On the basis of past we endure to continue the same path to reach the goal. Our mote is to provide service to customer on reasonable price.

We learned from various customers using chemical in processing industries found erosen of components made of various steel and alloys faces problems worne out of components.FRP is a best replacement steel components which gives rigid and stores value added components and avoid fallig inview large scale replacement problems. We started making components of FRP using standerd grade fiber and chemical resistant resin to make equipment in accordance with customers design and specification our FRP items are used by various industries.

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